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Chapter 71 status:
(Queued: collab chapters + Yasuo)
Scanning: 100%
Translating: 95%
Cleaning: 60%
Typesetting: 0%

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei chapter 72 preview:

Soon, summer vacation! For some reason, Mamura’s appearence/manner is different. What will Suzume do? Chapter will also have a colored coverpage. 

(please note that there can be some mistakes in translation’s wording)

We’ve been receiving heaps of messages so L and I will try to answer the ones that we can! Sorry we may have not answered every single question but please read through - your questions may be answered already here!


Thank you so much!! <3 


Hello :) We were not the scanlation group that translated HnR chapters 1-56. If you look to credit pages of those chapters, you will find the scanlation team that translated those chapters. As mentioned in the past, our two co-founders Charlotte and majikhotaru were awesome enough to pick up the story again and we have been translating since then. Hope that helps!


1. YOU’RE AWESOME. Thanks for supporting her! It’s good to know that that HnR fans are so active about supporting a wonderful manga-ka. Thanks again!

2. Thank you! We do try to update it as often as we can. Most of our team members are almost always busy, but we tend to the site as much as we can. 

3. You can expect it soon, after we complete all the jobs. :) Please look to the chapter status for that!

4. Sorry for all the waiting on the collab chapters. J and I have completed translating those and its a matter of getting it cleaned/typesetted. Our first priority are always the HnR chapters, so we may need to put it back in queue. 


1. I understand completely! I can’t say for the other members but J and I have compiled a list of our favourite mangas over here!

2. That’s a new way to put it, but I feel the same way!

3. They were released alongside the HnR chapters (which are released bimonthly), so I’m not quite sure if they were released in the volumes yet! 


When will Chapter __ be released?

Please look to the chapter status as it’s a very close indicator to our actual progress! Our team members sometimes are busy so tasks may not be done as quickly in the past, but we try to get them out timely. Thanks for your understanding! :)


Collection now complete!!! Support Sensei, buy your own copies!!


Finally I got the copy of vol 10 in Kinokuniya (Jakarta). N it was the last two ! So many effort to get this book- I have to fly to Jakarta, coz in my hometown there isnt any Kinokuniya, and if I order online, the shipping price is very expensive.
Actually I really want the 9th vol (coz i ship mazume so bad ToT i like the cover!!), but they dont have them. They only have the 10th vol..
But im already happy with this!! Eventhough i cant read japanese..



From tomorrow, I’m off to Italy!

I’m gonna fully enjoy the holiday I haven’t had in a while!

I wanna fly on a plane!

If you haven’t read already, Chapter 72 of HNR won’t be released till the 5th of August and this is probably why.

Enjoy your holiday Sensei!


Finally went to Kinokuniya and bought a few volumes of Hirunaka no Ryuusei! These were the only volumes available, so I bought all of them. Simply couldn’t resist. I’m so ecstatic to finally have them in my hands, regardless of the fact that I can’t read Japanese. They are absolutely beautiful. 
These were only $6.20 each, so please, support Yamamori as much as possible! :)


I Just Received Hirunaka No Ryuusei Volume 10 and i got a post card with it plus i got the Mug hehehe so Happy 

When will you get the scans of chapter 71 and begin scanlation?

Hi, anon! Charlotte here.

We get the scans every Monday and Thursday; we didn’t get them this Thursday, so we’ll definitely get them this coming Monday. As Bulbulchan said before, editing a chapter can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days depending on the amount of cleaning and redrawing, so you can expect chapter 71 to be finished some time after Monday :)

Hirunaka no Ryuusei ch71 translation


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