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Hello everyone! Charlotte here. This is a recruiting announcement for anyone who wants to join the Damn Feels! team as a cleaner. Due to personal issues I can’t devote as much time to cleaning HnR as I have in the past, so we’re looking for another person to help Bulbulchan.

To clarify: a cleaner crops and rotates the image, levels, resizes, removes Japanese text, redraws parts and patterns of the page, cleans dust, etc.

Important points:

  1. We are recruiting people with some experience as we have no time to train anyone at the moment. This will be overlooked if you do really well on the test.
  2. You must complete a prepared test so we can gauge if you’re up to our standards. You will also be tested on how well you follow instructions, so read them carefully.
  3. If you wish to apply as a cleaner, download this test. The instructions are included there.

Good luck! :)

Yamamori Mika’s tweet about HnR’s end (Trans.)



Ah, today is Margaret’s release day isn’t it! Just as written, the ending is coming. Including this issue, there are 4 left, I will do my best~ (*^^*)

So HnR will be ending at Chapter 78 as confirmed by sensei herself. I don’t think I’m ready :’(

Anyways, I’ll give you guys the fans reactions…


  • It’s ending in 4 chapters?!!
  • I’m sad that it’s ending, but I will support it till the end!
  • It’s sad but I’m looking forward to it…I buy the volumes so I will wait!!!
  • I’m expecting a Mamura end!! ;_; Or else I’ll… (;_;) (;_;)
  • I read it!! Mamura is too cool, I cried. I don’t know what will happen at the end but I’m looking forward to it. I’m sad HnR is ending. Good luck till the end!
  • I read it. (‘;w;’) Woah only 4 times! I missed my work 3 times because of the over-shock (lol) Only 4 left…there is only the ending left. Mamura is too good of a man that it’s sad. I’m worried about Shishio’s injury. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

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this is just a confession, no need to answer. I find it disrespectful to have someone be specially referred to with their last name first and first name last merely because she's Japanese. In English context, this purity non-switching of first/last names can get Regressive (like how that one asker said "yamamori mika-sensei", inappropriate in regard to the sensei honorific). Please consider humanizing Japanese names and refer to the author as Mika Yamamori... Sorry for the negativity. Thank you!

Hi! J here. This didn’t need to be answered but I will choose to address this criticism. I personally use both ways interchangeably to refer her name but I think it is a bit harsh to say that it’s backwards for fans to keep her name in the original form with the honorific. I know where you are coming from and I completely understand your view but I personally believe fans love her and what she does, so their and our use of the non-switching form of her name (and character names) is done with respect and without intent to dehumanize. I speak on behalf of those fans as well because I firmly believe that they wouldn’t use that term in such a way. We try keep translations as close as possible to the original so maybe that is why you can see that we use the last name - first name basis in most of our translations. It’s not our prerogative to say what’s disrespectful or not but if you took offence at our translations, we are sorry but we would like to remind you that we are amateurs,and I’m not sure if you are a native speaker or not but we are still trying to master the language and the nuances that come with it. Such as the one you brought up with us.

In my experience, I have addressed my “superiors” with such a format with the full name (last name/ first name basis) plus a honorific but had shortened it to a last name plus honorific when I got to know them, even when I was conversing in English. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard of this and it may be ignorance but I have never gotten flack for using the proper way of saying a Japanese name towards a native speaker in an English speaking context. We will take your suggestion into consideration.

- Kind regards

L and J

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s e v e n t y - f i v e

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei ch75 translation


Pt 2 of Chapt 75 FASTCAP


Back to Mazume, as I mentioned earlier, Mamura too, noticed the likeness of that person to Shisio and were making all sorts of those puppy faces observing Suzume… (awwwwghghghg my puppy Mamura) Suzume were trying to pick out souvenir for Yukichi and can’t decide which one she thinks he will prefer (as we all know she sucks at picking gift…) So she decided to make a call to her uncle and had a vague convo with the uncle.. she was asking Yukichi where was he, and he was like “at the hospital” and she was like “HOSPITAL!? WHATS WRONG? DAIJOBUUU?” and he was all like “oh im fine, its Shisio thats not” and if you look at the cap i included, you can see Yukichi’s shirt is kind of bloodied? and his arm holding the phone looks scraped… (so im assuming he beat Shishio up from that convo cause he’s pissed with the things Shisio said and Shisio just decided to let him beat him up? just a guess…) 

Anyway, After the phone call, Suzume was all like, Sensei!? In hospital, she was wondering if he’s okay, because Yukichi did not say if it was life threatening…

Then Mamura came looking for her and ask her why is her face looking so pale…She was hesistant in telling Mamura because its about Shisio and she felt bad because she was suppose to be facing Mamura as lovers (at least some sense but not much -.-) 

Mamura gave her his trademark headchop and ask her to tell him what is wrong, so she says it to him that in the phone call, she was told Shisio is in hospital…


Mamura then hug her and tell her to go.. “IKE YO” 

My thoughts…

First Aoha, then now HnR, why these 2 chapters really… /headdesk x million…

Both my shippppppppppppppppppppppppppp… I know with Kikuchi its a definite that they are going to break up, but but… WHATSUP WITH THIS ONE!?

NO!!! YAMAMORI SENSEI! You saw the overwhelming support right!? All them Mamura fans… I am still holding to a Tonari no Atashi kind of ending with HnR… 

MAMURA NEVER GIVE UP! Fighting! BTW the coloured pages says “Rasuto 4-kai” which is last 4 times! So is it including this chapter is the last 4 chapters iunno, but if that is so, expect HnR to end in about 3 to 4 more issues.. thats like 2 1/2 month tops since Margaret is a bi-monthly.. 



Margaret’s Official Wallpaper 20/2014 and advertisement about the new edition.

source: Margaret’s official website


Part 1. 

Righto here we go… and before we get to the heart of the matter, please do not reblog this outside of tumblr or share on twitter. IF you want to share on twitter please do a Direct Message…

Secondly, out of respect to my fellow scanlators over at damn-feels who have been doing such a great job scanlating this series, I’m not going to post the whole chapter… this post will be in 2 parts as im uploading 14 images (gay tumblr and its 10 img per post blerg) 

Thirdly, my own scanlation group, Paperdolls Project (PDP for short), we are greatly needing Japanese to English translators.  we badly need more translators, you can just part time if you feel that you cannot commit 100%… http://paperdollsproject.rocks is the website, check out our projects and you can app on the website should you be interested…


AS IT TURNS OUT, IT IS NOT SHISIO that Suzume saw, i lol’ed when I saw the face… but she was not the only one that noticed, Mamura noticed the guy lookalike from behind too, and being the insightful darling that he is, Mamura of course knows whats up (and by gawd Suzume, this dude is TOO GOOD for you) 

Shisio actually went to look for Yukichi instead… They had a conversation, Yukichi was not to happy see him… 

some of the convo goes like…

Shisio (SS): Yo
YK (Yukichi): What do you come here for?
SS: For the first time in a long time, I have come to eat Yuki chan’s cooking
YK: _____________It is outside business hours right now, please get out
SS: Yuki-chan__
SS: I, love that person after all, i’m ready, So I came
YK: Are you screwing with me? What you are saying are too late. Shut up if you bother to come and say such a thing
SS: ……You must think i am the lowest of person, you don’t have to believe me but I just wanted you to know the truth  properly cause I think of you as a friend

YK:Coming here to say such thing suddenly,
SS: I came, perhaps,
YK: Go away, I have nothing to talk to you anymore
SS: Yuki-chan….

ill continue in pt 2

Sorry, but I'm so lost with where the manga is right now haha ^ ^ " in Japan, is ch. 75 released yet? Or is it almost time? And thank you ladies again so much for all your hard work!! Much much appreciated. :D

Yeah, it was just released a few minutes ago (HnR comes out in Japan on the 5th and 20th of each month). The pictures we’ve reblogged belong to some lucky person who received the magazine early :) —Charlotte

Hello :) i'm from paraguay and i want to buy the HnR stuff (just like manga, clothes, yada yada yada) do you know where can i buy it? thank you sooo much, work hard girls!

Yeah, anon of course! I literally just answered this question a few minutes ago, though. If the buttons on the sidebar are just not that visible I’ll definitely have to do something about it, hmm…

Hi! First: thank you so much for your effort and work, is great! 2nd) do you know how can i support the mangaka? I'm from Chile and i would love to buy HnR! I've seen some sites but it's too expensive for me. Do you know any other form of support? Like merch or something? Thank you!

Yeah of course! Just click Buy HnR merch or Buy Hnr books in the sidebar. Buying merch is more expensive, so I suggest just buying the HnR volumes since it’s cheaper. It’s in Japanese since it hasn’t been licensed in English, but hopefully one day it will :’) —Charlotte


More teasing! I know im evil but im starting to debind now lol
So to those asking if Shisio appears or not… Of course he did, its not hnr really without the male protag (even though i dont like him)

But is he in Okinawa or in Tokyo? If you have read it, dont spoil it for now ;)

Ill be back with more

#stay tune


Its here… Chapter 75 of “hirunaka no ryuusei”

Im just going to leave you guys with the cliffhanger for next chapter first…

And uhh.. Want to know if the person suzume saw in last chapter was shisio or not? Ill tell you later whats up with this chapter…

As paperdolls are releasingg taihen yoku dekimashita frm same mag, ill be debinding this later tonight, so ill probably scan in HNR too and let you guys have a look… #stay tune

Download: bit.ly/hnr-74
Or read more under the cut!

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Hi, do you know where I can but HnR merchandise? I live in Los Angeles.

Hi anon, I made a tutorial here on how to buy stuff from Japan if you live overseas. It’s a bit complicated but it gets easier after the first time. Though I’ve only bought things twice using this method because it’s hella pricey ;_;

Which reminds me. For all you fans out there, if you want your HnR mug or other merch, now is the time to make a move before earth music & ecology stop selling them!!


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