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HnR chapter 73 status:
Scanning: 100%
Translating: 99%
Cleaning: 92%
Typesetting: 88%

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Hello everyone! Charlotte here. This is a recruiting announcement for anyone who wants to join the Damn Feels! team as a cleaner. Due to personal issues I can’t devote as much time to cleaning HnR as I have in the past, so we’re looking for another person to help Bulbulchan.

To clarify: a cleaner crops and rotates the image, levels, resizes, removes Japanese text, redraws parts and patterns of the page, cleans dust, etc.

Important points:

  1. We are recruiting people with some experience as we have no time to train anyone at the moment. This will be overlooked if you do really well on the test.
  2. You must complete a prepared test so we can gauge if you’re up to our standards. You will also be tested on how well you follow instructions, so read them carefully.
  3. If you wish to apply as a cleaner, download this test. The instructions are included there.

Good luck! :)

Hello guys! Bulbulchan here! I have great news for those who live in the Middle East or UAE and want to buy Hirunaka no Ryuusei volumes!

The Kinokuniya store in Dubai Mall didn’t have all the volumes a few months ago, so I notified them that they’re out of stock and asked when new copies would arrive.

They replied today (1st of September) telling me that all Hirunaka no Ryuusei volumes are available now! So if you want to order them and live around Dubai, just go to the Kino store in Dubai Mall or order online here (the search keyword is ひるなかの流星). Thank you so much!

If you live near a store that just restocked HnR, shoot us a message or post it on your blog with the HnR tag and we’ll reblog it here :)



A quick Yuyuka doodle

Credit: x

How long will you guys consider applications for recruitment?

Indefinitely, until we find someone who can clean at the standard we want :) —Charlotte

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Hi all, Charlotte here. Just a note that you’re more likely to get a reply if you send a message off-anon. If we were to publish every ask we got it would clog up the front page and we really don’t want that to happen.

Don’t worry, we don’t bite much.


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Yamamori Mika’s Comment for Margaret 50th Anniversary Exhibition




I tried my best on filling in the hair! The most difficult thing about drawing on the glass panel was that sometimes you don’t understand how big it is, also trying to hide the magic touches was tough. Being able to mix in with all these famous sensei, made me feel touched and very grateful!

T/N: Was suppose to translate this like a week ago but didn’t get around to it. This was part of an exhibition for Margaret’s 50th Anniversary where they got 10 manga-ka’s to draw on a glass panel. The list of manga-ka were:

  1. Aida Natsumi (Kengai Princess/ Switch Girl!!)
  2. Aruko (Ore to Monogatari)
  3. Kazune Kawahara (Aozora Yell/ High School Debut)
  4. Sakisaka Io (Ao Haru Ride)
  5. Shiina Karuho (Kimi no Todoke)
  6. Tanemura Arina (Neko to Watashi no Kinyobi)
  7. Nanaji Nagamu (Aruito)
  8. Hatta Ayuko (Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji)
  9. Morishita Suu (Hibi Chouchou)
  10. Yamamori Mika (Hirunaka no Ryuusei)

If you can’t spot HnR, it’s on the 4th glass panel from the left! (Suzume’s on the bottom, with Mamura to her side and Shishio filling out the top).

Credit: x

Yosh! We just got the raws for chapter 73. Starting work on it now!


P.S. Friendly reminder that if you really can’t wait for the English scanlation there’s a reblogged translation two posts below :)

who do you think that chun-chun will end up with?

  • Majikhotaru: Mamura
  • Charlotte: Mamura
  • L&J: Mamura
  • Bulbulchan: Mamura (I don’t ship Mazume thou ;_;)
  • Takrai: Mamura (Shizume shipper here)

Looks like everyone on the team is convinced Mazume is endgame, but Shishio isn’t out of the picture yet so… anything’s possible at this point, am I right? Even Shimura. Just imagine…


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Hirunaka no Ryuusei ch73 translation


HnR fandomdo not post any possible spoilers from baidu anywhere! They specifically said not to do that (mentioning places like tumblr, twitter etc), so let’s respect that! For now DSS won’t reblog any of those spoilers on our site.

In light of All Wink having just posted their scans of chapter 73, I feel compelled to reblog this post again so more people can see. Please do not post Chinese scans on Tumblr or Twitter.

Reposting increases the chances of Yamamori Mika seeing the chapter online before its official release in Japan which could lead to the near-disaster a few months ago, which I’m sure we’re all eager to avoid.


Yayyyy~ bought this in Kinokuniya last holiday

really love the cover X3 


HnR fandomdo not post any possible spoilers from baidu anywhere! They specifically said not to do that (mentioning places like tumblr, twitter etc), so let’s respect that! For now DSS won’t reblog any of those spoilers on our site.

Hi there! Thank you for all your hard work with scanlating! ❤ I've been curious about this for awhile, and I figured I should ask you guys since you're kind of HnR experts. <: I've seen several negative comments about Shishio on comic websites, harping on him for liking Suzume because she's a teenager, calling him a creeper or pedo... but to my knowledge an adult can date a teenager in Japan? Y/N? Thank you and sorry for the weird question. ; v ;

Hi there. J here. This question actually touches on the social laws of the country which I myself am not entirely educated on. However, I can answer your question to my knowledge.

Suzume is 16 years old and is, by Japan standards (and most Western countries), considered a minor. You are a minor in Japan until you turn 20. To my knowledge, there is no specific law barring Suzume from dating whoever she wants. This irks me but the federal age of consent in Japan is actually 13, but prefecture laws usually override federal law raising the age of consent up to 18. For example, by Tokyo laws, an adult can be prosecuted for having sexual relations with anyone under 17. However, without her parent or guardian’s approval, a relationship between an adult and a minor can be considered unlawful. As Shishio is a teacher, it is also against school policy to be in a relationship with a student and may cause him to lose his job. In addition, there will be a social stigma placed upon Suzume and Shishio.

This is most definitely not all there is to it regarding laws in Japan but only what I know, which isn’t much, but hopefully that answered your question.

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Just want to tell you guys that the download link is just an empty folder. Hope you can fix and re-upload it soon. Can't wait to read it! <3

Aye, thanks for letting me know! Just fixed it: bit.ly/hnr-72 :)


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