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HnR chapter 75 status:
(queued: Yasuo's story)

Scanning: 100%
Translating: 100%
Cleaning: 100%
Typesetting: 100%

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Hello everyone! Charlotte here. This is a recruiting announcement for anyone who wants to join the Damn Feels! team as a cleaner. Due to personal issues I can’t devote as much time to cleaning HnR as I have in the past, so we’re looking for another person to help Bulbulchan.

To clarify: a cleaner crops and rotates the image, levels, resizes, removes Japanese text, redraws parts and patterns of the page, cleans dust, etc.

Important points:

  1. We are recruiting people with some experience as we have no time to train anyone at the moment. This will be overlooked if you do really well on the test.
  2. You must complete a prepared test so we can gauge if you’re up to our standards. You will also be tested on how well you follow instructions, so read them carefully.
  3. If you wish to apply as a cleaner, download this test. The instructions are included there.

Good luck! :)

You guys, thank you. Every message we get like these gives us so much encouragement and pleasure for what we’re doing. The HnR fandom may have its ups and downs, but when it comes down to it you guys are just amazing. Once again, thank you! —Damn Feels

I wondered…


Counting down to D-day for next issue of Margaret now… My only concern is, since the next issue release date falls on the weekend, would i be able to receive my sub early as usual or a day later on the 6th… This month alone, the delivery failed me twice so far, firstly, issue 10-2014 of Cheese! was delayed by 3 weeks, I finally received issue 10 3 days before the current issue was released… T^T, then now, due to some pricing error (currency conversion changes), My current issue of Dessert has been delayed >.>

So, if I am not be able to deliver the spoilers lightning fast for next chapter of HnR i am sorry XD

Reblogging here to let our followers know the scans might (or might not) be late for chapter 76. Let’s hope for the best! ( ゚▽゚)/

are you sure that mamura says "go" and not "let's go" in the last page of ch75 ?

He says “行けよ (ikeyo)”, which means more “go” than “Let’s go”, you can say he’s making her go.

If he were to say “Let’s go” implying for them to go together, it would’ve been along the lines of “行こう (ikou)” (volitional conjugation in terms of japanese grammar)

—L and J

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Download: bit.ly/hnr-75
Or read more under the cut!

A small announcement: the translation for the Shishio vs Mamura Twitter results will be in an upcoming post, including the little comic with Shishio and Suzume. Look forward to it!

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Hey guys, Charlotte here! Chapter 75 has been reviewed by everyone and is good to go :D It’ll be up shortly after this post is made.

Team update:

You may have noticed the staff names in the description have changed a little. After faithfully providing us with raws for the last few months, Takrai (now lemon-teddybear) has taken her leave. If you enjoy josei and shoujo, do check out her blog — it’s a veritable treasure trove of manga.

mzdollmaker has now taken over as raw provider for Damn Feels. She is the head of The Paper Dolls Project, a scanlation group currently in need of translators. If you’re a translator and feel like helping out, do check out the projects they’re working on to see if you’re interested.

majikhotaru (now tamagohan) was right there with me almost a year ago when we created Horny Shooting Star — the original name of our group. Yeah, we started off as a bad joke, and I think we can all agree Damn Feels is much better. Anyway, tamagohan has temporarily retired for now, but hopefully once the crushing load of schoolwork ends she’ll be back to try her hand at translating once more.

Recruitment update:

Every application has been received and will be reviewed shortly, so you can expect a reply before the end of this week. Our new cleaner will be chosen then. Thank you very much for applying! It’s not too late to send in an application for anyone reading this, so go for it!

Ah, one last thing. The cleaner test has been downloaded over 700 times; thank you to all who took an interest! We’ve received 22 applications, which is about 1/32 of the downloaded amount. I’m curious why there’s such a huge gap — were the instructions unclear or not understandable? All answers are greatly appreciated because we’ll recruit more people in the future and we’d like to avoid such a gap next time. Here’s a question mark so anyone can reply: ?

The status box shows that chapter 75 is ready to be released so when will it actually be released?

Hi anon, we’re waiting for a few members to look it over and make sure it’s perfect before release. The reason for the delay is that all of us are in different timezones, so it takes some time before everyone can get to it. Best case scenario, it’ll be out before the end of the day, otherwise it’ll be sometime tomorrow (GMT). Look forward to it! —Charlotte

Shoujo art exhibition for Margaret’s 50th Anniversary in Tokyo
I don't mean to rush you guys at all, but I sent in a cleaner test a week ago and haven't received a reply yet. I was wondering if maybe it wasn't received or if you haven't gotten the chance to look over the tests yet? Either way, totally understandable, and thank you for your hard work!

Hello there!

Charlotte is really working hard on them, and there are many cleaning applications sent. We’re really sorry for being that late, please be patient!


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Mamura Daiki - Hirunaka no Ryuusei


so… don’t let go of me okay?

Hi guys. I just wanted to say that you all do a brilliant job of HnR!!! :D I also just wanted to make sure, the English translations come out 2 weeks after the Japanese versions, right? Because I've been seeing stuff about chapter 75 all over Tumblr, but on the apps and sites and stuff, they only have up to 74. It's torture waiting!!! >.<

It takes approximately two weeks, yeah. The delay used to be less than a week, but after we started using our own scans instead of All Wink’s we realized there was a lot more work to do, especially cleaning the scans. For now you can keep up to date with our progress by checking the status box in the description. We’ll try our hardest to finish cleaning quickly!!! —Charlotte

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Hello, first of all, thank you guys for scanlanting HnR. Sorry if this was asked before, but do you consider working on Sugars or know if it was dropped by its original scanlation group? Just like HnR, I love it and would like to know its status >~<

Nope, this hasn’t asked before so no worries. Sugars is currently being scanlated by Evil Flowers, so you’d have more luck asking at their website. I strongly suggest making an account at BakaUpdates — it lets you know which group(s) scanlate what and when there are new releases of all the manga you’re reading. Very useful! :D —Charlotte

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