If you’d like to join us, please read thoroughly what is required of you for the position(s) you’re interested in. Almost every position comes with its own test and instructions which you have to download, so please follow them to complete and send your application.

We’re currently only accepting experienced people who can spend a lot of time on scanlation because we have no time to train anyone and are behind on all our projects.

Note: If you’re an experienced applicant interested in applying and you’re used to scanlating using your own methods, then feel free to ignore the steps in the instructions. As long as you get the job done well, there will be no complaints.

If at any point you need to take a break or go on hiatus, just let us know ASAP and we’ll note it down. Don’t leave us hanging, please. Expect a reply within one week after contacting us. Thank you!

Damn Feels! Team

A bunch of professional delinquents led by an OCD nitpicker child and an OCD mahou shoujo organizer. We are moody and childish and opinionated but at the end of the day we push ourselves to the fullest to produce the best quality for you, the reader. Enjoy.