Proofreaders (acronym: PRs) take the script and make sure the grammar and syntax is correct without changing the essence of meaning. They must always reference raws.


  • No experience necessary, however a firm understanding of English and good grasp of grammar is required. Knowledge of Japanese not required.
  • You must be meticulous in correcting the translators’ typos and grammar errors, taking care not to change the meaning when you rephrase a sentence to flow better.
  • You must contact the translator for parts you are unsure of and need checking over.
  • We will be looking for proper punctuation, contraction and proper capitalization.
  • We use American English in our group (color > colour, neighbor > neighbour etc) so please adjust scripts accordingly.

This position is currently closed. If you’re interested in joining us as a proofreader, keep an eye on our blog where we’ll post whenever we’re recruiting.

Damn Feels! Team

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