Typesetters (acronym: TSers) take the proofread translation and typeset it onto each page, using a a varied amount of fonts which match the tone and atmosphere.


  • Adobe Photoshop CC and above.
  • CREATIVITY! That’s the most important. Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT with fonts you believe are suitable for text that is delivered in any emotional way.
  • That being said, you must stay consistent. For example, if you choose CC Wild Words for normal dialogue font, stick to CC Wild Words. Exceptions are allowed if the way the text is delivered drastically deviates from the norm.
  • While we encourage creativity in the diversity of fonts, you must also have a good sense of layout and positioning so the text is placed precisely in its spot on the page and isn’t all over the place.


  • Click here to download the test. Instructions on how to complete and send your application are included.
  • Anonblack’s Typesetting Guide is a useful set of guides for newbie typesetters. Do use textboxes for big blocks of text, though.
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